@ 108 Hwy 35, Hood River Windance Parkinglot

Our Community here at Windance Parking lot is very humbling for me the kindness is humbling in our community. Lampoies is so generous to me feeding me on a daily always looking out for us. Margret at Mother’s she is our mother very kind loving soul she is the sweetest person and to have her here with us is blessing. Dave Nunn so much respect for our land loard it set’s the tone and place for us to all come together and share our summer’s in his parking lot I am so grateful to his friendship. Leah’s Cart carries our salmon, I eat here often, trade salmon for meal’s it’s nice for me and the crew and the food is excellent. Drifties is where you can get a cup of coffee, cold drink’s and hang out while the other half is shopping. Hope to see you soon, fish on


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