Retail stand supervisor Araceli Ramirez.

Araceli Ramirez, stand supervisor, co-star on Chef Andrew Zimmern Bizarre food’s Travel Channel. When this young lady started to work for Wild Columbia Salmon it did not take her to long before I had to give her a Indian name, “Your a married women” she would get mad then one day she was just like cool with it. The reason is guy’s would come to the stand and I had to let them know off the bat that is a married women right there, and the name fitted. When I show up to the stand I would ask and tell the other sister’s to do thing’s, nothing, then I would tell Araceli and thing’s would get done she would be bossy and everyone was shaking and moving getting thing’s done, so I made her supervisor real quick. I soon come to find out she was a Basketball player, Varsity Hood River, told me a story when she hit the game winner, 3 pointer. Then she told me she was a NBA fan and she had posters of Carmelo and Kolby and few other’s I laughed and was like no way. It was so cool to talk with her about basketball and watch some of the games on league pass, I was like wow I really like this lady. She ended up getting the best hour’s never missed work, always on time and worked hard keep her sister’s working and always had a good attitude. She could cut a salmon very well, her attitude is aggressive I could see why she was so good at sport’s fun out going, and this is Alpha female and I liked that. It was nice to see Mireya ┬áJimeneiz, Kassy Green, and Tucker find a special relationship with her and so did I, it was not too hard she was so kind, laughing around. I found a deep respect for her when it came to her family, one daughter and her husband oh man she loves him and I would laugh around cause she would listen to drama and sit back, and be like “I got a good husband” and she know’s he loves her and that all she want’s is her little family. To have her care so much for her little family gave me great motivation to work hard for her and I loved the fact we would talk about the lies and approaches of predators coming to hit on her and she would shut so many down, made me laugh so many time’s, fool’s she love’s her husband like a wife should, now that’s how you get my loyalty, respect, love devotion to her family and she did it with class and strength like she is. It did not take me to long to realize I had a very special friend here and now she is my river people and I honor her as I should in salmon clan, and will always be one her team in every way I can. I’m not sure if she can cook or dance but I ask often it not a nice look I get when I ask so I run. I look forward to the future with Araceli and her sister’s. I know I am humbled, grateful, blessed with Araceli in our lives and I plan on working hard for this young lady, she deserves the best in life and I am sure she is getting what she need’s in her little family and working for Wild Columbia Salmon, and next year she will be attending College, I’m sure of this.

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