River People, this is Wild Columbia Salmon’s fishing spot.

River people is a good vidieo, I live here at Cook’s Landing and built my fishing ┬áhome here. If you want to know why watch this video. David Sohappy we as Yakama Nation respect and honor what our fishermen had to go threw and treatment by Gove the had to endure. This effected many families on the Columbia River times where tough fighting over one fish with the USA.

Treaty Talk’s and the effort is humbling, Adam and the work he put in is humbling to all us River People and we hope the salmon goes all the way up,,,, beautifully done,, for me Doug Rigdon, out of Hood River, humbling… There is some big time Indian country powerful people with in this video. Hope you enjoy.


Salmon Story, I like this video we hope you also enjoy.

Salmon boy video,

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