Wild Columbia Salmon Open 10am to 5pm daily 230 First St Stevenson Wa

I am very humbled by the people who work for me at the stand, let’s start the first picture is of Lenard Dave, I buy most all my fish from him and his crew up at Klickitat fall’s, I’m very grateful for this man, council, Elder, friend, river family, and it goes on ect… The next is Anna Rohden, she was the first lady I hired, and she came in and set us up for success. The next is Nika Kermani, this lady is amazing and one day we hope she comes back home with us. The next picture is with Maria, Veronica, Bailey and High Wind’s (Anna R) this was two year’s ago and we had a great fun summer, I’m greatul they where there for me in the summer of 2016. The next picture is with Veronica, Gizel Cruz and Nika, we was building the smoker back then these ladies worked hard during this time. The next in the Queen chair is Aundrea Braniff this lady is true class intelligent going to U of O and she worked two job’s for college and worked hard, much respect for her and the determination of independence she has. Mireya Jimenize, the best thing I ever did is to work for this lady to come work for me. She is going to Gonzaga and very intelligent kind hard working lady with goal’s of being a Doctor, and I am sure she will. The next picture is from a video Monica Romero did, I share a office with Monica @ 1406 12thst suit 103 Insurance is her game and helping me in council and friendship. Nick, Nika, and I are with Monica holding up knifes and fish that was such a fun day. Leallen Sampson, with Adriana and Stephonie just a normal hot summer day eating cookies and laughing around. Jaleh Kermani you can catch her at the stand on Saturday’s she is Nika’s little sister hard working and humbled to have them both in my life. Page Stevenson, she worked on Tuesday’s such a wonderful kind lady outgoing heck she will out do most people on the Mountain or fishing steal head, she is good at what ever she does. Roxy is by the smoker, she did not want to take the picture but the boss made her, sorta Gangster lol. Mike Hass is with Lewallen Sampson we just got done gutting fish, Mike was a big part of our opperation when he worked with us super hard working never missed work, ya I miss him. Bailey MccManis and Kassandra Green, God blessed me with these two ladies in my life, amazing Mother’s there boys come first in there life’s and this has given me motivation in my life. Bailey and Kassandra are best friend’s beautiful ladies intelligent 4.00 GPA kinda ladies both are funny got to keep a eye on them, I’m looking forward too life with them running around in my life. Arcelly, Maria, Roxy, Adriana, Stephanie are all sister’s I’m very humbled to have them all in my life. Veronica and Gizel will always be a part of or family we hope one day they all come home to work. Monica Romero in the black dress get your Insurance with her at 1406 12thst suit 103, 11am-5pm she has the right hours of operation,,, Hope you enjoyed a look into Wild Columbia Salmon and our crew.

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