Open @230 first street Stevenson Washington! Friday through Sunday 10 am to 6 pm.

Winter conditions sometimes prevent us from opening, call 509  961-3260 to ensure we will be open or for delivery.

Wild Columbia Salmon retail’s daily caught salmon off the Columbia River and tributaries. Our best indicator of what fish is available is information provided by the Bonneville dam fish counter’s. When the count for the day is 5000 salmon coming over the Bonneville dam I know I will have enough salmon to buy. When the count is lower then 5000, I know I could be driving all the way up to John Day dam to fill the orders for the day. I will stop at every camp and places I know Indian’s are fishing, scaffold fishermen have to provide salmon for the buyers on weekend’s. When Gill net’s are in the Salmon is  in abundance in all camp’s are fishing with several crew’s fishing the Columbia River, large fish buyer’s are available and we need these companies to buy our salmon. Sunday’s Yakama’s can not fish so Monday morning a fish buyer better know Umatilla, Warm Spring’s and Nez Perce Indian’s. Here is a link to the 7 day fish count this is the first place I check in the morning to see what my day is going to be like. #wildcolumbiasalmon #hoodriver #columbiariverfishermen #aldersmokedsalmon #smokesalmon #kingchinooksalmon

The Gorge Magazine, did a great articular on us in the 2016 Fall edition Sacred Salmon, it gives good insight into Wild Columbia Salmon. (1)IMG_0412

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