Blue Back Sockeye

Blue Back Sockeye, travel up the Columbia River heading up to lake Wapato, Chelan and few other lakes to spawn they come by Hood River in a three to four week span. This fish is very delicate and pollution will hurt this fish and warm water is not good ether. In the 80’s it’s common to find this Sockeye Salmon dead on the bank due to pollution, I like the idea that we have cleaned up our act’s as several different communities came together and worked at clean water for a better habitat for the Salmon. When this Sockeye is available the last three year’s the price’s start’s out at 20$ a fish then drop’s to 2 salmon for 20$ the salmon average 3 pound’s to 5 pound’s. The meat is super red and the oil in this little fish is abundance, “most O meg 3’s” it’s not super rich but a very fine salmon. We start seeing them coming up the Columbia River the second week of June and the run end’s after the 4th of July, it’s our best seller for 4th of July celebrations. To think we almost lost this fish one year getting down to 25 Salmon, I very happy that today we have 100,000 salmon coming home to us to harvest a true creator’s blessing.

Nika Kermani, I know she sell’s her art so I put a few up. Nika also is dancer and does several classes here in White Salmon from what I see it looks like a lot of work dancing the way they do not recommend for the fat boys. If your interested in buying some art we will get in touch with Nika, if you want to dance we will let Nika know. I guess is what I’m saying is we would do anything to help Nika, she modeled with the Blue Back Sockeye Salmon to help Wild Columbia Salmon in our marketing effort’s. When this young lady was in charge of Marketing us she was on every thing Media getting us exposure and the respect her family get’s here on the Columbia Gorge I know in a lot of way’s held back harassment on me. This young lady like all that work for me, I will honor and respect forever as in the law of Salmon Clan I’m grateful for her Parent’s and sister for having this family in life is a blessing and I know it. Life time relationship’s are special and I’m excited to live this relationship and feel it grow in life with this family. River people.

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