2022 Winter Storm’s road closers, Corona virus up rise, we need help!

Winter storm’s road closer’s hazardous and dangerous road’s prevented customer’s and tourist from visiting Columbia Gorge. Corona virus up rise people staying home to be safe also keep customer’s away. Roof damage, truck repair’s, rent, water, electricity, insurance, 2022 licensing fee’s, with time not stopping while the world is working it’s magic has created a difficult time in business for me. I set up a go fund me page because I know no help is avaible and if I want to stay in business I better humble myself and ask for help.


If you donate I would like to return the value of your donation in frozen King Chinook Salmon fillet’s or alder smoked salmon which ever one you prefer equal to your donation and with discount. Thank you for your donation and consideration. When March and April arrive I am sure business will take care of it’s self but today it seems repairs, licensing and all bill’s arrived with no customer’s to purchase salmon has hurt business and to keep going I had to humble myself and ask for help. We hope this Weekend Jan 21 through 23 Jan we can open and have customer’s and into the future everything works out. Our hours of operation is 10 am to 6 pm Friday through Sunday @ 230 first street Stevenson Washington, call 509 961-3260 to set up delivery or to make sure employee is present at shop or to meet for appointment. I’m grateful for my business and being able to work with salmon as I do and I appreciate the life I live and all the support customer’s bring!!!!

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One thought on “2022 Winter Storm’s road closers, Corona virus up rise, we need help!

  1. My husband is Full Blood Tlingit Indian, born & raised in Ketchikan, AK.
    His family USED to send us jarred smoked salmon & whole salmon for our
    birthdays, anniversary & holidays.
    Since the death of his Aunt who would do that for us; we haven’t had any
    REAL FRESH Salmon. Just as fresh as a regular grocery store bought salmon is.
    The 3rd of April we’re expecting some extra funds from Alaska. IF you should be
    in the Seattle area around that time; we’d like to buy 4 Whole Salmon & some of your
    Smoked Salmon. Approximately how much would that cost?
    Wondering IF any of your FREE Product might be included with that?

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