2020 ODFW and WDFW is calling for more salmon.

I’ve never stayed on the Columbia river buying salmon past Oct but this year with our commercial kitchen in Stevenson I will be able to. Fishermen should call 509-961-3260 to sell salmon to us, the buying will be between 10 am and 1 pm daily in Stevenson gutted. We are hoping for a late fall run of Coho and looking forward to running Stevenson into the winter.<img src="https://wildcolumbiasalmon.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/img_0489.jpg&quot; alt="IMIMG_0050 (1)G_0489″ width=”1536″ height=”2048″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-523″ />13428620_1080718168662850_1525158809563270617_n

One thought on “2020 ODFW and WDFW is calling for more salmon.

  1. My husband is Full Blood Tlingit Indian, born & raised in Ketchikan, AK.
    His family USED to send us jarred smoked salmon & whole salmon for our
    birthdays, anniversary & holidays.
    Since the death of his Aunt who would do that for us; we haven’t had any
    REAL FRESH Salmon. Just as fresh as a regular grocery store bought salmon is.
    The 3rd of April we’re expecting some extra funds from Alaska. IF you should be
    in the Seattle area around that time; we’d like to buy 4 Whole Salmon & some of your
    Smoked Salmon. Approximately how much would that cost?
    Wondering IF any of your FREE Product might be included with that?

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